Icecrusher is an editor and analysis tool for DataFrame files with a modern-looking user interface. It lets you create, edit, filter and visualise DataFrame instances. It also supports importing from and exporting to CSV files. 

We use Icecrusher and DataFrames extensively in our internal systems and administration. They provide various advantages over plaintext CSV files as DataFrames consist of a compressed file format and strongly typed columns.

This software is free and open source. You can use it in any way you like. The source code is hosted on GitHub.

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In order to install Icecrusher on your operating system, download the appropriate installer and execute it.

The Windows executable will let you specify the installation directory. By default, all application files are copied to the user's application directory by default. If you want to install Icecrusher in the system application directory, make sure you execute the installer with admin privileges by right clicking it and choosing "Run as Administrator".

The Linux executable requires root privileges in order to install Icecrusher.