Release notes


Fixed some minor bugs.

Improved installation process on Linux systems.

Added license dialog in About screen.

Updated internal DataFrame library version.


Fixed some minor bugs.

Updated internal DataFrame library version.


Added support for file drag and drop events. You can now open DataFrame files by dragging and dropping them into the main window scene.

Added a selection entry for binary columns in all column related dialogs.

Your chart setup will now be saved throughout sessions.

When adjusting chart attributes, e.g. title, series names and colors, your changes will now be cached during the session. This can save you a lot of time when switching between charts.

Improved default color selection for plot components to better match the application theme.

Fixed some bugs.


Added support for columns with raw binary data. You can now open DataFrames with binary columns and add raw binary data in rows by using hexadecimal notation.

Fixed minor bugs.


Minor performance improvements when opening and importing files.

Added thousand separator formatting for the rows and columns info views at the bottom of the window.

Fixed minor visual bugs.


Minor optical improvements.


You can now compute and visualise numerical proportions of sums in pie charts. If you just select a single column (keys), then the pie chart will show you the proportions of all occurrences of those keys. When you add a second column (values), then the pie chart will show you the sum of each key and the proportion to the total sum.

Improved visuals in the import dialog.

Improved performance.

Improved arithmetic precision when using floating point numbers.


Official open source release provided by Raven Computing.